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We create music videos in the unique atmosphere of Tomboy, a vintage boutique with a Western vibe here in Santa Cruz.


Santa Cruz is a relatively small city with a population of just over 60,000. But the local music scene is thriving. Great venues cater to amazing local bands and national acts love to stop for a show in our beautiful town. 

We also have terrific places to buy music, world class instrument makers, and places live music happens unexpectedly...



Every now and then the store becomes an intimate recording space where musicians and lovers of music share space with vintage boots, clothing, jewelry, leather jackets, art, and a gigantic cactus. 


All of this inspired Mischa Gasch to start the Tomboy Sessions along with Summer Duppen, owner of Tomboy in the spring of 2016. Today the team is more inspired than ever, with new partners and fresh ideas. We are shooting videos on a regular basis with incredibly talented artists. As lovers of live music, it is our great privilege to bring you these intimate recordings.


Enjoy the videos! 

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